Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Eastbourne Airshow, and a moth

We went to the airshow at Eastbourne last Sunday, smashing day out and the flying very spectacular. I'll let the photos speak for themselves, starting with the Red Arrows

  Didn't notice this one in the foreground emitting coloured smoke at all during the display

Is this a Red Arrows goodbye?

Apparently this is a T2 Texan
  And we all know a Spit and a Hurricane, don't we - I wish I could attach a sound file

Tornado next, noisy and fast

A Super - Sabre, I remember these!

I know I shouldn't, because of the effort and skill involved, but these wing walkers were hilariously funny because of the affected way they kept striking poses as they were thundering round the sky

This was a bit special, an F14 and a Spitfire in formation - magic

I was completely unable to catch the F16 in fast flight, but a slow-speed flyby was ideal, what a machine!

And as a finale, if you're in difficulty at sea and need help, what must it feel like to see these guys turning up in a craft like this
In the moth trap Tuesday morning was this, I think, Ingrailed (or is it Engrailed) Clay - the Oxford English uses an E, Waring and Townsend an I - anyway, I'm fairly certain that's what is was, last trapped one in June 2009

Also in the trap was a Dark Sword-grass, a migrant, but it declined to stay and be photographed, sorry!

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