Saturday, 13 August 2011

Odds and sods again

 Moths first, I had 2 of these Orange Swifts in the trap this morning, although moths generally few and far between as Tony Morris has said in his blog. This is a super little moth tho'

and the first Flounced Rustic of the autumn - whoever thought that name up!

Forgot to put this Speckled Wood in the last blog, pretty, isn't it

An Oak Eggar from last week

Ditto this Lime Speck Pug, tiny little creature and so delicate

Some sort of Sedge Fly I assume

This White Point is a migrant according to my book, but I get enough to suggest they breed in this corner, I wonder if they do? Ignore the date, its an old pic, the one trapped this morning didn't stay to be pictured

And finally, as the weather been so 'orrible and not much needing doing in the garden, I been repainting this Hornby model from Southern Railway green to BR dirty black as I remeber them up and down the Hastings line at Crowhurst

Never saw any type 2 diesels there tho' - too big for the tunnels

and finally, the main contractor for the resurfacing of our patio in action, Nancy's Groundworks!

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  1. Nice moth shots again Peter, I have just posted a blog with some more moths on, I have ID'd a few although not 100% i am correct, any input would be great. Like the shot of Nancy in the digger!