Monday, 15 October 2012

Autumn moths

Well, came back from France to find Autumn had arrived in the old moth trap, so here's a selection
First, a hangover from the summer, a late and tatty Common Rustic - well, I couldn't turn it into anything else. Pity as I have since been corrected, it is indeed a Yellow Line Quaker, thanks to Tony and Alan

One of the pleasures of this time of year is to catch and admire this amazingly camouflaged beauty, tho' it's name is a bit lost on me, a Feathered Ranunculus. Invisible on a lichen covered branch or gravestone

Beaded Chestnuts been coming in numbers, too, lovely warm brown base colour

This Autumnal Rustic is uncommon in my garden and all the prettier for that

and I do enjoy catching these "stealth" moths, I can easily imagine them being trained and used on covert reconnaisance missions - glad to report they are not uncommon here, Black Rustic being their name

Mallow, delicate and subtly colourd (or they would be if this keyboard could spell)

Went out over the weekend to find lots of autumn birds skilfully avoiding my attempts to photograph them, including unusually high numbers of Ring Ouzels - see Phil Smith's blog - Kearsneybirder - for some super pics. The best I could do were these two early morning light pics


  1. Hi Paul, not sure but that first moth might be Yellow Line Quaker? All the best

  2. Pete - Top moth is Yellow-line Quaker