Saturday, 20 October 2012

More moths and some colour

Decided on a whim to put the moth trap out last night, having seen lots of moths in flight Thursday on the way back from Sandwich Bay (no Barn Owls, tho'). Glad I did for this morning there was this lovely Blair's Shoulder Knot

and this Delicate (yes, that's it's name), which is a migrant from Southern Europe in the spring, this one probably being a descendant of that influx, even so an enigmatic moth

especially when you compare it's size to my thumb, amazing

and, like Alan Pavey, a superb Green Brindled Crescent

While poking round for migrants last week, I was struck by the colour in this thorn bush - wow


  1. Good name for the "Delicate", despite it being a long distant migrant id does have a delicate appearance.

  2. Some good moths there Pete, certainly a good move putting the trap on :-)

    1. Its on again as we speak! Last night also, founda grey shoulder know, a new one for me, and another black rustic but had to rush out so no photos to blog - wonder what the fog will have blown into the trap tomorrow - thats half the interest isn't it, the anticipation!