Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Bourgogne part deux

On the way back from Louhans we meant to cut across country, but I skilfully got lost. In getting back on track we flushed a large BOP from a roadside electricity pole. It flew a few metres to this pylon, and we saw it to be an Osprey, clutching a fish in its talons. Luckily the road was bordered by a maize field, so I was able to get this pic sort of under cover before it flew off again. As you can see there's no evidence of leg rings on this special bird, what a find!

Next day found us a the museum at Bibracte, otherwise known as Mont Beuvray, home to a large Romano-Celtic town until early in the first century BC when the whole community decamped to the 25 or so Km to Autun. When we emerged from the museum the rain had gone so we drove over the top, catching this spectacular view across to the Alps in the distance

Friday found us cycling again, along the old railway line to Buxy and back, with these attractive old structures to admire

Afterwards, resting in the garden which at some time in the past was a quarry

and in which there was much to watch, including the conifer steaming in the early morning sun one day - note the cobweb
there were these butterflies which I haven't yet looked-up
maybe someone will save me the trouble
and there were these lizards to see, this one caught a fly as we watched, quick as lightning.As you can see it's had a near miss, having lost it's tail

And finally, that woodpecker returned after our bike ride and came out into clear view, a super Middle Spotted Woodpecker, lovely

And so home, where these pics of a Canary Shouldered Thorn were waiting to be posted for you to admire, my moth trap not been out since and from the forecast it seems unlikely for a few nights at least

Looks like I'll have to amuse myself otherwise, like getting on with the rocking horse, here's one I made earlier, with a very young Philip

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  1. Looks like a good trip Peter, but surprisingly little reference to wine? One of my best memories is of tasting in Beaune.... I couldn't believe that wine could taste so fine!

    Cracking shot of the osprey, and that middlepecker is a superb sight.