Sunday, 3 August 2014

Autumn be a'coming on

Strewth! It took less than a minute to upload these pictures, what a difference. It's amazing what an additional 8.5 meg upload speed will achieve!
I just discovered this photo of the Poplar Hawkmoth from the other day still on my camera, thought it might look interesting on here

I suppose this Peacock is a late summer insect rather than an autumn one, but it's beautiful anyway

Large Yellow Underwings are very definitely a sign of Summer passing on, this one quite an unusual colour and pattern, had me puzzled for several minutes

Garden Tiger is a summer moth, but I wasn't going to leave it out for the sake of being pedantic

Same applies to this Maple Prominent, an unusual one for this garden, only the second,  and very attractive

Silver Y turns up almost anytime, this one well marked and has the look of a Wild  Boar's face I reckon, or is the the beer?

This Grey Dagger very definitely a late season moth in this garden, and probably very difficult to see on  a tree trunk or gravestone - count the daggers, I make it at least 10

Lastly, at Winklands this evening, the Swallows were gathering on the wires and feeding over the wheat and maize together with an indeterminate number of Sand Martins, how's this for an alternative photo, swallows bums and the waxing moon

Altogether more than 50 were around, and see if you can find the solitary Sand Martin among this lot
PS - we reckon it's 10 in from the right, top row

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