Monday, 25 August 2014

Red Sky at Night

At risk of being boring, this is a celebration of the sunset on Saturday evening, with a twist. Whether or not it presaged the horrible weather today is anybody's guess. By 6pm there were 33mm of rain in the gauge when I emptied it to avoid an overflow later tonight 
The twist is that the photographic class at next weekends Gardener's Association show is for a photo of a sunset. Accordingly last week I trawled through lots of old photos, and dug out these two possibilities
First up (and favourite) was this one taken in France a few years ago, when there was during the following night a most spectacular and unforgettable thunderstorm 
Then there was this one of a sunset over Dover Harbour, a strong contender because of the local connection
When we went over to Winklands on Saturday evening, the sun was beginning to go down and I couldn't resist this view from Waterworks Hill 
A bit later I was up on Sutton Down, and thought the prospect of some good photos was getting better by the minute

The view behind me was pretty good, too

and as time passed it all got better and better


The climax was a few moments after the sun had finally disappeared, and this picture may well now be the entry for the show. Maybe I'll take both and leave a decision until the last minute, to see which one looks best against the other entries
Whatever, it was a memorable sunset


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