Wednesday, 27 August 2014


There was in the moth trap this morning, among the 19 moths of just 5 species, this specimen which I am struggling to identify. Something tells me I know what it is but have so far been unable to dig it's name out of the old memory bank. Something else tells me it may well be a peculiar Dun Bar
That spell of wet cold weather certainly depressed the moth population in my garden, but as I type this the trap is going, and already there has been a Hummingbird Hawkmoth at the Lavender outside the window in the dusk. Great excitement tomorrow morning? We'll see
Here's that moth

Another day, and 2 more moths like this but rather more well marked, clearly Rosy Rustics, so that seems to be what this is. Also present this morning 2 Copper Underwings and an Old Lady among 83 moths of 19 species - much more interesting (except for the Large Yellow Underwings and Setaceous thingys)

All suggestions will be gratefully acknowledged

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