Wednesday, 20 April 2011

The Forewood, More Moths, and a suprise

Yesterday we had a lovely day out to Crowhurst, the highlight of which was a walk out through the Forewood, and a picnic out by the former pumping station. The Forewood is an RSPB reserve, and has been for about 20 years I guess. It was quiet for birds, mainly 'cos our walk didn't start until nearly midday, but we did clock 3 soaring Buzzards high up over the Pepperingeye end of the wood. All the trees have recnetly been felled from around the pumping station, leaving a boring modern brick structure, the old engine house and engines being long gone
The Forewood is a beautiful place just to be at this time of the year

Bluebells just coming to their best were a treat, and the perfume - wow

Butterflies were on the wing in numbers, these were the only ones I managed to photograph

A Speckled Wood 

and a brand spanking new Comma
The ones I missed were Brimstone, Large White, Wood White, Orange Tip, Peacock, and Small Tortoishell

Also out were several Early Purple Orchids - this specimen was about a foot high

Today in my moth trap were 34 moths of 11 species:-
Early Grey 3
Common Quaker 12
V Pug 2 ( I think - see pics below)
Lychnis  1, and ever so early, but definitely not a Campion like the one trapped over in RX land -
Hebrew Character  10
Red Twin Spot Carpet 1
Fern 1
Clouded Drab 1
Brimstone 1
Streamer 1
Waved Umber 1

 pictured are, first of all, these two V Pug

At least I think this is a V Pug, just very well marked, but if I'm wrong, Tony, I should be obliged to be put right

Tiny little creatures and so beautiful - see just how small

Next was this superb Twin Spot Red Carpet, a real stunner and much more moth-sized

The first Fern of the year, such a delicate insect

and finally, thisWaved Umber

Later in the day, just as Grandchildren and friends called to take me swimming, Nancy found (and very rapidly left) this beautiful Slow-worm, which gave the children the rare chance to see and handle - carefully and under supervision - a reptile before releasing it under the Ivy and frass in the hedge away from Pheasants and cats


  1. some lovely pics there mate, not got round to posting mine from Sunday as yet. Have to catch up again soon.

  2. They all look good to me. I've had several V-Pugs, and yesterday was pug fest day. Loads in the fridge to sort out.