Saturday, 16 April 2011

Welcome back!!

"Our" swallow apparently first returned to his nest in the garage on the 28th March, an unusually early date. He was absent again for a couple of days as usual on arrival - we always believe the feeding round here not  very good and assume he goes off somewhere better, maybe Worth marshes or something. More recently he's been back for increasing periods, but don't roost in the garage. Yesterday he was around most of the day, singing and displaying with increasing vigour until late afternoon the female appeared. What a wonderful sight and sound they made dashing about, singing, chasing and generally delighted to see each other. Now we can look forward to sights like this through the summer

True to form they were away most of the day - she will need to find the best feeding now in order to get into egg-laying condition - hope they think I made a satisfactory job of cleaning their nests out back in February. They have 2, the original artificial, and one they built last year for their 2nd brood

This morning I stooged off along the cliffs to see what had arrived - well, whatever had, it kept going under the clear skies. There was one Swallow in off the sea, a Garden Warbler singing, and in the top wood at the head of the South Foreland Valley, a male Bullfinch calling - smashing. Out to sea all was calm and misty, making this jack-up rig on it's way down channel look a bit spooky

When I got home I checked out the moth-trap, again the fine clear night not on my side, just 3 Hebrew Characters, and this new moth for me - I've checked and re-checked it, Tony, and I believe it really is a Streamer. The book says it gets it's name from the marking on the wing which streams away from the blob on the forewing leading edge - not the best pic ever of a moth, sorry

As I type this the trap is again alight and, as its cloudy - fingers crossed for tomorrow

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