Thursday, 7 April 2011

It's party time

Balloons, balloons, balloons - when I went to let the hens out this morning, I flushed a Buzzard from the fence beside Winklands Lane, then noticed one hot air balloon over Pineham way - then another, then several more, so I took this pic with my trusty phone -

Realising something going on, quickly home for my camera and off to Wanstone where I was treated to this spectacle

A sponsored record bid, apparently, see tomorrow's papers

Later, while turning out my moth trap, there was a Willow Warbler singing in the garden hedge, accompanied by the Blackcap arrived 3 days ago
In the moth trap were
Early Grey - 8
Common Quaker - 24
Hebrew Character - 16
Twin spot Quaker -1 - pic below

Bright Line Brown Eye - 1 - supposed not to fly 'til May!! - pic below

March Moth - 1

Clouded Drab - 1
Early Thorn - 2

Small Quaker - 3 - with a Common Quaker
Shoulder Stripe - 1 

This evening promises even better, and when I went to shut the hens back in, there was a large Bat hunting around the farmyard, where yesterday's new arrival, a fine male Black Redstart, was still singing away
A very good day, I reckon

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  1. Hi Pete, I don't see a Brown-line Brown-eye, the picture below is a Hebrew Character and a Satellite. Nice Herald in second from bottom picture, I've not had one yet this year,