Monday, 4 April 2011

A good day

Today started well with a first-thing walk along the cliffs, via the South Foreland Valley. Chiffchaffs were present in numbers, approx 20 all the way round, and 2 different Blackcaps in song. I lined up this Jay for a photo, but succeeded only in catching it as it dropped from it's perch, but what a wonderful example of the flash of colour which is often all you get as they dash away

Next up along the cliff was this Corn Bunting rattling away - been on this bush for over a week now so I assume a nest is nearby. A good view of it's yellow chin, too

Later, after breakfast, we walked out past East Valley and on towards Kingsdown. Along Victory Road there were 4 Buzzards in the air as 2 pairs - Michael Lyons came by and asked if we'd seen them, saying he had seen 6 yesterday! Out through the wood were another 3, including a very pale, well-marked individual doing very good Osprey impressions

Back along the edge of the long Sycamore wood were tens of Bee-flies to admire

And when we arrived home, I saw this queen wasp appear from the stones beside our gate, settle on a decaying post, chew off a fragment of wood and then fly back to the stones - no doubt there will be as wasp nest here for our visitors in the garden safari to admire - or be terrified by, come July!

This picture of a Peacock butterfly about to be got by an insect eating Daffodil was impossible to resist !

A decidedly worn Small Tortoiseshell - this early in the season, must have had a hard life so far

I was also unable to resist the stunning colour in this Hearstease

All the while this was going on, there was a dust-up over our heads between the local Kestrel and Carrion Crow

and finally, here is a pic of the imitation Osprey above - a long way above - Ringwould church, I've drawn a ring round it and you'll have to take my word thats what it is

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  1. Superb photos Peter, we will have to get you up here tonthe Sevenoaks nature reserve soon, I've never seen been flys before, they would look good through a macro lens! See you soon.