Sunday, 18 August 2013

Bits and Pieces

The holiday, and the Garden Safari over (some £7400 raised, well done everybody, especially Linda and Geoff) , there is a bit of time to relax in the garden and, among other things, enjoy the clouds (Gavin Praetor-Pinney eat your heart out!)

and Grandchildren playing on the lawn 

it was pleasant too, to introduce them to my new best friend, a Toad who has taken up resience in a newly potted rose just outside the greenhouse

 from here he, or she, emerges from it's nest in the compost to sally forth in search of woodlice, slugs and other garden pests

there also seems to have been an increase in the Conehead population here, another creature which eats garden pests - welcome friend!

While out recently I found this Wall Brown on - a wall!

Wednesday last found us in France with friends for a meal and shopping, the former taken at "La Sirene" bang on the beach at Cap Gris Nez, what an outlook

and desserts to die for

Back home the Swallows busy with their second brood, in a brand new nest under the eaves of the garage - presume they eschewed the first one due to parasites. That's my theory anyway. 4 strapping young well on the way to fledging

While walking in the village today, we were much taken with the numbers of Blue butterflies on the wing in the breeze, both Common and Chalkhill Blues, 'though Wellsy, with his usual brilliance, didnt remember to photograph the latter. On the chalk grassland in the South Foreland Valley they were present in tens, a stunning sight

Work goes on, and tidying up after the Barley and Oilseed Rape harvests occupies time before the Wheat is ready, so Michael is busy cultivating

the while Steve is drilling next seasons Rape, and boy, didn't the freshly tilled soil smell wonderful

and on the corner into Bockhill farmyard, there were several Southern Hawkers, well, hawking!

2 for the price of one here

a few minutes later, round on the Leas there was a single female Clouded Yellow, but try as I might I couldnt get a photo of it, sorry

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