Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Catch up time

The last few weeks been a bit busy, so here's a catch-up summary. First up the second Breeding Bird Survey visit to Sutton provided these views of 3 newly fledged Buzzards - brilliant record

Here's a selection of aerobuzzers been stooging around over here, while we were busy getting ready for the garden safari, held in support of the Pilgrim's Hospice. Come the weekend something over 300 people visited our garden, and the model railway which was ably demonstrated by Mathew

I know this thing has been better pictured, by Phil for a start, but it did lumber quietly overhead. I'm not sure I fancy being on an airliner so big with so many other people

Since then we been on a short holiday to Honfleur - it was even shorter than anticipated as we came home a day early having become thoroughly fed up with the miserable and cramped gite we'd been  ripped off for. However, we did enjoy the area, and here's some holiday snaps

This dredger was fun to idly loaf around and watch at the mouth of the Seine - the thought crossed my mind that come November I intend to be watching several thousand Cranes at the Lac du Der, the source of this mighty river

Notice the poor dog in the bike carrier being thoroughly shaken up over the cobbles, and the lady behind laughing at it

The Pont de Normandie - see what I mean about the "mighty" river

Typical architecture, very quaint

Floral decoration around the church at Pont Audemer

Mediaeval sewage disposal, same place - what with that and the local leather tanning industry I bet it smelt tasty in years gone by - glass of water from the river, anyone?

The best bit of the hol was a visit to the museum at Pegasus Bridge. It was superb and we gained a lot from this visit. The original bridge, now replaced, is in the museum grounds, complete with WW2 bullet holes
According to the info panel this replica Horsa glider was made recently by apprentices at Aerospatiale, blimey, it was huge
The original cafe, first property liberated on D-Day, still in business

Paid a visit to the reserve at the seaward end of the Oustreham cnal, a winter place I guess, but it's the only one I know which has a Bar, Village Hall, and Hairdresser - eat your heart out, Sandwich Bay


and how's this for a reserve HQ? - WCCP please note

The reserve, or the bit not shot over, probably full of wildfowl in winter

Back in Honfleur, a shot of Swifts over the tiny yard of the cottage - there were tens of them, super

How's this for a front doorstep?

A view of 'onfleur while out walking

when we came across these Broomrapes

and this Coypu

Fancy a pleasant walk in the park? Not much to see? 


This could be Stodmarsh one day soon

and finally, back home, mothing is getting interesting, the latest spectacular one being this Poplar Hawkmoth

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