Tuesday, 20 August 2013

New Moths

I was pleased to find 2 "new" moth species in the trap this morning, firstly this Oak Hook-tip, apparently a long way from home in an oak wood, altho' the book says the caterpillars will feed on Birch

next up, and I'm by no means confident of this, is a Square Spotted Clay, so far as I can determine

this one isn't "new", but just one each in July 2008 and 2010 makes it a garden rarity - a Broad Barred White

Yes, I know this isn't a moth, and I might even be correct in identifying it as a female Common Blue. Whatever that's what it's gone down as in the BBS transect I walked this afternoon (just, I started it at 12:05), the third this year and again relatively productive for arable fields, unlike the disaster of last year 

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