Friday, 9 August 2013

Strewth - I'll go to the foot of our stairs

Today been a day full of suprises, starting this morning with this strange bird  in the hedge, that is until it moved a bit and turned into a juvenile Starling!

the while this Woodpigeon looked on, why do they always appear to look thick?

then it was out to the moth trap wherein lurked this Swallow Prominent, an unusual one for my garden

also in the trap was this handsome shield bug

and an unusual view of a Lesser Broad Bordered Yellow Underwing, whoever named it didn't have to write it very often, I reckon

this worn Swallowtail looked like a piece of tissue paper

and a Buff Arches, one of my favourites

this white spotted pug a new one for me, tiny blighter isn't it?

the highlight of today was an afternoon fishing trip to Cottington with young Mathew

first a little Roach

then a reasonable Carp

and then..... blimey what's that up in the sky??

 Coo-er, yes it is, no doubt at all, what's it doing over here??

don't think I've ever seen a Black Stork in the UK


Well well well

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