Wednesday, 25 September 2013

2013 East Kent Ploughing Match

Before we go off to Upper Hardres to the ploughing match, there were the 124 moths in the trap to check over. In among the Large Yellow Underwings and Setaceous Hebrew Characters, which together totalled 91, there were these two. It seems the Dusky Thorn which got away a couple of days ago before being photographed (and properly identified) was most likely of the same species, only one of which has ever turned up in my trap. They are Canary Shouldered Thorns, just as well they were less shy than their predecessor

just look at those antennae

and so to the ploughing match, and first to the horse ploughing, smashers aren't they

this is Sam and Sid having a quiet word at the end of their furrow

and here are a handsome pair who's name we didn't see
and these two are Arthur and Elsie


superb animals, always draw an admiring crowd
and so to the next major advance in ploughing technology, steam

then there came the early motor tractors - remember Mc Cormick International?

no? Well you must recall the good old Fergie (no, not him! And wouldn't his hairdryer have been busy after the Manchester derby last weekend? Well done City)

I could watch and listen to these for ages, 'specially the single cylinder one nearer to me

nice to see schoolchildren being educated, too

the foxhounds made an appearance as well

 and finally, this comparison to bring ploughing up to date


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