Monday, 23 September 2013

Last nights moths

There were 2 noteworthy moths among the 114 of 14 species in the trap. First a new one for my garden, a Brown-spot Pinion, which obliged with a photo
according to my book it is a common resident, inhabiting broadleaved woodland, parkland, heaths, fens, scrub, hedgerows and gardens. Is there anywhere else?
The second moth was a Dusky Thorn, which didn't stay to be photographed. Also a common resident, inhabiting similar places to the pinion, it was only the second here following one in August. This family look like butterflies in that they fold their wings when resting
That's it, except the stitches are out and I have exercises to do, five minutes at a time several times a day, now where's the egg-timer!

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