Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Stupendous Spider, Sundry Insects, Not-so-Sure Swallows, and 2 more birds

First of all, in the garden this morning, I found this spider resting on a 3" square fencepost. I have no idea of the identity, other than it is a Harvestman of the family Phalangiids. The remarkable thing is the length of the legs, especially the second set at about 5cm, or two and a half inches for each leg!

A remarkable and curious creature (I nearly typed insect - tut tut)

One lunchtime last week this wasp decided that it would share the jam I was eating with my bread, cheeky sod. The nest is nearby somewhere. I haven't found it yet but I'm sure we'll be able to live with it when I do

Can't resist this pristine Painted Lady, lovely insect

An unual moth recently was this Frosted Orange, here sharing it's egg-box with a Cabbage Moth

In the next egg-box out of the trap was this relatively light-coloured Old Lady in her crinoline frock, dwarfing the two Feathered Ranunculus' beside it (Please don't ask me how they got their name)

The second brood of Swallows fledged last week, four of them again. Luckily I was busy at the sink when they first came out of the garage. This shot literally captures it's first look at this great big world 

This one got as far as the roof beside the litchen window on it's first outdoor flight

with Mum keeping a close eye on things. With this change in the weather most have left - in the garage tonight there are just 2 young with the parents, the other 6 presumably having set off with a large flock of some 100 plus which came by yesterday

out last Saturday morning there was this opportunity for an unusual look at a juvenile Green Woodpecker "somewhere on Wanstone"

and a quick look at Restharrow Scrape yesterday revealed little other than a few morrhens, loadsa Teal and this one of two Little Egrets. I know this sort of view is a cliche, but they are always worth admiring

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