Sunday, 22 September 2013

Twitching trains

I'm a bit discommoded at present, not able to drive or cycle, as my right arm has to remain in  a sling for possibly 4 to 6 weeks following minor surgery on a sore shoulder. Just as well it wasn't major surgery for every reason. This means lots of time for model railways, (albeit one-handed), and also for a trip on the Cathedrals Express last Thursday, from Wye down to Salisbury, via the North Pole
Well, North Pole Junction between Stewarts Lane and Willesden in fact. My operation was the previous Friday, and as the trip had been booked since February we were apprehensive it would have to be abandoned. Not so I'm glad to say
As the train ran into Wye station the children from the infant school in the village were there to see the spectacle, although the presence on the front of a great big diesel loco may have detracted from it a bit, but Tornado was coupled right behind for operating reasons, and explains the detour via Willesden

Upon arrival at Salisbury the scrum round the loco prevented any real pictures, but you get the idea I hope

On the subject of engine names, this loco came by while we were waiting for the return trip. Who thought this romantic name up I wonder - "The Permanent Way Institution" - wow!!

Then this yellow peril appeared, and all the trainspotters present had a collective fit.  It is apparently their equivalent of a Baird's Sandpiper, or a Desert Wheatear perhaps, an ex-intercity125 train painted bright yellow, belonging to Network Rail and called "The New Measurement Train"

Here's Tornado ready for the trip home, looking smart and handsome

and here's me, by no means any of those descriptions

How did I photo the train leaving while supposedly aboard? Easy, photograph it as it backs in before departure! Beautiful colour blue isn't it?


 And so home and into the railway room, where I've been making scenery, including this attempt at a painted background - anything's better than a painted block wall thankfully

You can see the join on here, in the shed it's less noticeable


The moth trap is out as I upload this lot, so hope for some interesting moths tomorrow morning

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  1. Wonderful layout! Just like Ivor the Engine :-)

    Hope the arm soon recovers Peter.